Drawing #1 Winners

Congratulations to the 10 official winners who were selected on 9/30/20 and presented with their Corvettes on Veterans Day!

'54: Renee Peets from Brentwood, TN (Ticket #00959506)
'57: Jeffery Guth from Hobart, IN (Ticket #00310172)
'63: Jay Vocke from Oak Park, CA (Ticket #00913158)
'64: Keith Benge from Albuquerque, NM (Ticket #03727142)
'65: Anas Aljumaily from Garland, TX (Ticket #02335844)
'72: Pamela Wohlers from Plano, TX (Ticket #01714328)
'75: Thomas Barnes from Brick, NJ (Ticket #03107669)
'79: Vance Truman from Medina, OH (Ticket #02990983)
'86: Kenneth Lulay from Washington, IL (Ticket #04333348)
'88: Kevin Milletary from Chesterton, IN (Ticket #04460672)

All non-winning entries from the first drawing will remain eligible for the second drawing, to be held on or around 3/31/21 for the remaining 26 cars.

You can continue to enter Drawing #2 with a donation to Stand for the Troops.


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