Drawing #3 Winners

Congratulations to our six official winners in Drawing #3!

Kevin Fitzpatrick from New York, NY (Ticket #00274676)
Adrian Madsen from Williamsburg, VA (Ticket #03482144)
David Parker from Glendale, CA (Ticket #01096635)
Edward Rummel from Penn Run, PA (Ticket #06916323)
Ron Wilkerson from St. James, MO (Ticket #07165333)
Dave Wyckoff from Dunedin, FL (Ticket #06127885)


One more drawing to go and all non-winning entries
will remain eligible for the final drawing!

Drawing #5
Giving away the '53, '56, '66, '67, '69, '76, '81'85
For donations made by January 10, 2022
Winners selected on or about February 10, 2022

You can continue to enter for chance to win
one of the remaining Lost Corvettes
with a donation to Stand for the Troops.


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